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There's a number of things that are very important to me and to my staff too, as I've trained them all to think along these lines. First and foremost, it's extremely important not to hurt patients. I take a lot of pride in giving a very gentle injection, and also too I take a lot of pride in being, and my son Eric who's with me does the same thing, we take a lot of pride in being completely honest with our patients. We diagnose work. We don't overtreat. We don't tell people they need things that they really don't. I always look at a particular tooth or a problem and think, 'Well, what would I do if that were my tooth?' I will never recommend something for a patient and think to myself, 'Well, I wouldn't do that,' and so I always do what I would do on myself or on my family.

It's important to me to do really good quality work. I don't want patients coming back two or three years from now with what I did falling apart. I expect the things I do to last for decades. It's also important too to be minimally invasive, and what I mean by that is that the less we do on somebody's teeth, the better. We try to do what's the least amount of work that would get the job done so we don't run the bill up on the patient or cause too much discomfort or problems.

Those are the really important things to me. It's also important too to treat the patients right and be kind to everybody. That's something I stress with my staff continually, that we take good care of the patients. I allow my staff to build relationships with the patients. I don't want them being quiet and somber. The dental office is not a morgue, we're there to have fun, so we try to do just that. We have fun with our patients. Not one philosophy, just a number of things that I think are important in our practice.

At Fox Family Dentistry, we take great pride in being a friendly, welcoming team that treats you the way you want to be treated. We strive to be the very best dental practice that we are capable of by being helpful, gentle, and building lasting relationships with every one of our patients. Not only do we do high-quality dentistry, but we also care about you and your family, and we’re always honest with you. We never try to over-treat you or diagnose you with problems that don’t exist just to try and get your money. Other practices may do that to you, but we never do that at Fox Family Dentistry!

We Feature Painless Laser Dentistry

When we perform laser surgery, we use a technologically advanced type of laser known as WaterLase. WaterLase works by spraying out a combination of air and water that counteracts the heat put off by the laser energy. Drs. Fox choose to use WaterLase because it is so precise. WaterLase can precisely remove tissue and tooth enamel without damaging the surrounding areas.

We use WaterLase to perform our gum disease surgery, and it not only does the job extremely well, but it also helps speed up recovery time. If you need to reverse gum disease that has progressed to the point of needing surgery, WaterLase and Fox Family Dentistry are an elite option!

We’re Your Family’s General Dentist

At Fox Family Dentistry, we offer a wide array of services that will undoubtedly benefit your family’s oral health. If you and your family live near Burke, VA, and are looking for a general dentist who can treat everyone both young and old, Drs. Fox and their experienced staff at Fox Family Dentistry are an elite choice! We want to improve your smile to the point where your confidence is boosted. A change in confidence is a change to your life, and we want to do that by giving you the smile you deserve!

For any questions about anything we do at Fox Family Dentistry, call us at 703-260-1677, or make an appointment by using our handy online contact form. We want to be your family’s dentist for years to come! You’ll never leave our office without a smile on your face!