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4 Dental Implant Tooth Replacement Solutions For You

  • March 9, 2016

Welcome back to the ongoing blog of Fox Family Dentistry. Today, we want to talk about tooth placement options! Dental implants, specifically, are a realistic, long-lasting way to replace missing teeth. If you are living without teeth or are aware of an impending extraction, consider dental implants. Our Burke, VA dental practice would be happy to help.

Our team works with a trust periodontist who surgically places the implants for our patients. We are then able to focus on creating the restoration that is loaded into the implant (the actual replacement tooth). This setup works well for our patients because they are able to receive top-quality results in both departments. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to contact our team. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Solution #1: Traditional Single Implants

Traditional single implants are the most basic implant option. It is a wonderful option if you are missing just one tooth (or a few teeth that are spaced out in your mouth). The implant is place in the open socket where your tooth used to be. The healing period takes about 4 months. After you are healed and secure bond as formed between the implant and your jaw, we can load your crown. This crown is a single-tooth restoration that will be designed to look and feel just like a natural tooth. In fact, we work hard to meet all of your size, shape, and color preferences!

A single-tooth implant and restoration is the more authentic tooth replacement option, as it mimics a natural tooth very closely. Once your crown is loaded, you will have a new permanent tooth. This means you have to take care of it! Fortunately, this type of restoration requires only that you brush and floss it like normal! Please talk to our team to learn more about traditional single implants and how to take care of them.


Solution #2: Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are exactly as they sound — miniature. Mini dental implants are designed to be smaller and easier to place than traditional implants. They have a smaller diameter and can be placed more accurately (and require less healing time) than a traditionally sized implant.

In fact, because of their size and ability to be placed with extreme accuracy, they are great for same-day procedures and for patients who have experienced bone loss. Traditional implants need a certain level of bone to be available in order for them to be placed correctly. If you have been living without teeth or have experienced bone loss due to periodontal disease, this may take you out of the running for dental implants. However, with the invention of mini implants, you may be a good candidate after all! Mini implants require less bone!

Do note that mini implants simply cannot compete with traditionally sized implants in terms of strength or longevity. Because of their size, there is simply  less to hold on to. However, they are great for patients who need a more accessible (and generally, more affordable!) dental implant choice.


Solution #3: All-on-4 Dental Implants

The All-on-4 method uses only four dental implants to secure an entire arch of teeth. This concept is wonderful for patients who need to replace an entire arch or even an entire mouth of teeth. The four implants are strategically placed (usually two near the front and two near the back at an angle) to provide the most support possible. A full-arch restoration is then loaded, restarting your smile!

There are various types of full-arch restorations available. We would be happy to choose the option that is best for you. Talk to our team to determine if the All-on-4 dental implant method would work for you. We would be happy to help.


Solution #4: Same-Day Smile

If you have had a tooth fall out unexpectedly and you need results fast, we offer a same-day dental implant option. Our partner periodontist can place the implant and offer you temporary dentures. This temporary setup will allow you to function well while you are waiting on your permanent tooth replacement option to be ready!


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