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Don’t Settle For Your Embarrassing Smile

  • February 17, 2016

Don’t Settle For Your Embarrassing Smile

Oftentimes, people who have teeth that aren’t pleasing to the eye settle with the smile that they have. What they don’t think about a lot of the time is that teeth that aren’t pleasing to the eye often are married to oral health problems that can lead to overall health problems. Why should you continue on with a less than pleasing smile when you have an amazing cosmetic dentist in the heart of Burke, VA? Drs. Lawrence and Erik Fox want you to know that it is never too late to improve your smile, no matter how old you may be. A beautiful smile can greatly improve your confidence in many ways, which will in turn improve your life!

Improved Confidence For An Improved Life

Changing your smile for the better can lead to improved confidence that WILL ultimately improve your life. One decision can alter the course that your life takes, and when important decisions arise, you’ll want to have the confidence to act and take advantage of opportunities that life throws your way.

A great example of confidence in your smile working to your advantage is having an idea of how your workplace can be more efficient or run better. If you don’t have confidence in your teeth, you may not want to open your mouth at all. You may want to keep your mouth shut because of how embarrassed you are of your teeth.

If you withhold your idea, it may never be heard, and whether you know it or not, your co-workers may begin to lose confidence in you because you remain quiet. But if you have confidence and speak up, the company may love your idea, and it could possibly lead to a promotion. Your co-workers would look to you for ideas more often, and your life could be changed for the better from one decision.

How We Can Improve Your Smile At Fox Family Dentistry

Drs. Lawrence and Erik Fox take pride in improving your smile through various cosmetic procedures. They know the value of a confident smile, and sending you out of the door of their office with a new, confident smile is what gets them out of bed every morning!

The type of procedures we offer at Fox Family Dentistry that can make your smile beautiful include veneers, teeth whitening, teeth contouring, gum reshaping, tooth bonding, tooth fillings, dental implants, All-on-4 implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, and gum disease treatment. All of these procedures can restore confidence in your smile to the point where you can make life-changing decisions!

You’re Never Too Old To Improve Your Smile

Many people believe that the deterioration of teeth is something that goes along with getting older. At Fox Family Dentistry, that is something that we wholeheartedly disagree with. Not only can you take care of your teeth well enough throughout your life to keep them in great condition, but you can also have a number of restorative or cosmetic procedures to reverse whatever deterioration that may have occurred.

Settling with a less-than-average smile is something that can not only have an effect on your confidence, but it can also affect the way that people treat you on a daily basis. Oftentimes, the first thing that someone sees when you greet them is your smile. If your smile is in a state of disrepair, that person may be less inclined to trust you. But if you approach them with a beautifully bright smile, they are immediately put at ease because your smile is so welcoming.

Fox Family Dentistry Wants To Help You

If you want to gain confidence in your smile through any of the procedures that we offer at Fox Family Dentistry, make an appointment and we assure you that you won’t regret it. It is our pleasure to give you a smile that you’ll love!