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Questions We Hear A Lot At Fox Family Dentistry

  • Q: What Is The Best Type Of Toothbrush?

    When searching for a toothbrush, the most common misconception is that the harder the bristles, the better your teeth will be cleaned. The fact is that the opposite is true. When choosing a toothbrush, you should look for a brush that has soft, rounded bristles. Not only should you have a toothbrush with soft bristles, but you should also brush gently with that toothbrush. If you choose a brush with stiff bristles, you are running the risk of damaging your teeth and your gums.

    Something else to consider when choosing a toothbrush is the shape of the head. Different shapes will work differently for each person, and you should find the one that reaches every tooth and is able to clean them with ease. If you still aren’t sure how to make a decision, ask your dentist for a recommendation at your next appointment.

  • Q: What Is The Best Tooth Replacement Option?

    If you are missing teeth and are looking for a replacement option that will retain the tissue and bone surrounding your teeth, the most logical option for replacement is dental implants. The reason dental implants are so widely viewed as an excellent tooth replacement option is because they not only replace your natural teeth in both appearance and functionality, but they also replace the roots of the teeth that keep the bone and tissue surrounding the teeth intact. Other excellent tooth replacement options that we offer at Fox Family Dentistry include dentures and bridges.

  • Q: How Do I Improve My Smile?

    There are many ways to improve your smile, but at Fox Family Dentistry, on most occasions our cosmetic options will do the best job of improving your smile drastically. Dr. Fox and his staff can improve your smile cosmetically through procedures such as placing veneers, teeth whitening, and tooth fillings. If you have teeth that are misshapen, chipped, broken, or crooked, the best option to improve your smile would be through veneers. To fix a cavity, you’ll be interested in our tooth-colored filling option, and if you are just looking to fix discolored teeth, a teeth whitening procedure will be your best choice.

  • Q: How can a laser help treat my cavities?

    Modern dentistry is changing fast, so you want a dental office that stays up-to-date. At Fox Family Dentistry, you can get the WaterLase® dental laser to treat cavities. This laser removes damaged enamel but doesn’t touch the healthy enamel. This means your dental filling will be smaller. Even better, there’s no drilling! That means there’s no pain. WaterLase helps you get a pain-free dental filling for your cavities.

  • Q: Are root canals painful?

    Not at all. The idea that root canals are painful is just a myth. Dr. Fox has extensive training in endodontics, the dental specialty involved with the inside of your teeth. Between his expertise and some anesthesia, you should be comfortable throughout your root canal. Even better, a root canal can end tooth pain and save a tooth from being extracted.

  • Q: How can a laser help control gum disease?

    Dental technology has advanced a lot over the years. Dr. Fox has kept up with it. That’s why he is trained to use the LaserSmile® diode laser to help with your gums. This system can target gum disease in your gum tissues and eliminate it more effectively than using antibiotics. Plus, there’s no surgical cutting. LaserSmile is virtually painless.

If you have any more questions about what we do at Fox Family Dentistry, call us at 703-260-1677, or make an appointment through our online contact form.