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We make mouth guards, night guards in our office because of several reasons. First of all, patients that play sports definitely need those. I made a night guard for myself for basketball when I played many years ago and wore that for a long time. The mouth guard is important because it covers our teeth and protects them from sports. If you take an elbow to the face playing basketball or football, it really helps protect those teeth. I've seen examples of that where patients have been hit. They get a split lip and bloody lip, but the teeth are still intact, so that's important.

The mouth guards that you can get at the store, are questionable if they work. You have to take those and heat them up, and try and mold them to your teeth. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. We take impressions of patient's teeth, and then we're able to make a custom mouth guard or night guard that fits exactly over the teeth. We can make a soft one or a hard one depending on what the patient would like. It works really well for athletics.

We also do night guards for people who clench and grind their teeth. There, the ones at the store really don't work. We make those that are very hard that go right on to the teeth, very smoothly and comfortably, and there is a hard, fat plane occlusal biting surface that the patient bites into, which then protects the teeth, and prevents cracking and grinding of teeth.

All it takes in an inadvertent elbow to change your or your child’s smile for the worst by knocking out one or more teeth. In contact sports, it is incredibly important to take measures to ensure that your teeth are protected, or else they could be knocked out by accident by another player or a fall. Not protecting your teeth with an athletic mouthguards while playing sports is just asking for unnecessary dental bills as a result of having teeth knocked out, broken, or chipped, or any other injury to your teeth, gums, or tongue. We want the best for your smile and your family’s smile at Fox Family Dentistry, and that is why we offer customized athletic mouthguards to wear when you’re competing on the field of play.

Why Our Mouthguards Are Different At Fox Family Dentistry

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We work with a very good dental laboratory that makes custom-fitted mouth guards that allow customization depending on the specific needs of the athlete. The mouth guards come in five different qualities depending on the needs of the athlete. The first being a very light, very low stress mouth guard all the way up to very sturdy mouth guard where the athletes expect blunt trauma to the mouth. We take impressions and send them to the lab. The lab makes these custom mouth guards that meet the needs of those patients.

When you buy generic athletic mouthguards from your local sporting goods store, you are running the risk of being incredibly uncomfortable while playing sports. If your mouthguard doesn’t fit correctly, it will most assuredly affect your focus and hurt your overall performance. An uncomfortable mouthguard can also lead to blisters and spots that are rubbed raw on the inside of your mouth. When this happens, you aren’t only dealing with your uncomfortable mouthguard during the game, but you’re also dealing with its ramifications throughout the whole week.

When you come into Fox Family Dentistry for an athletic mouthguard, we will start by making sure that your mouthguard will fit perfectly. We do this by giving you a mouthguard that conforms perfectly to your teeth to the point where you can breathe and talk without being bothered by your mouthguard. With a generic mouthguard, it may not fit your teeth properly, and when you are playing the sport that you play, it may impede your breathing and cause you to get tired quicker than usual.

You will also need to communicate with your teammates when you are playing, and with a generic mouthguard your words will be slurred to the point where it could mean the difference between winning and losing. When you wear our custom-fitting mouthguard, you’ll be able to speak clearly, so there will be little chance of being misunderstood by your teammates.

Fitted In Just One Visit To Our Burke, VA, Office

When you make an appointment with our Burke, VA dentists Dr. Lawrence or Eric Fox and our comforting staff at Fox Family Dentistry, we can have your personalized athletic mouthguard fitted in just one short visit. You’ll be set for the season and beyond once we get your mouthguard ready to go and ready for play. You’ll be thankful that you came to be fitted for your mouthguard the first time you’re accidentally hit by an opponent’s elbow in your jaw. It will save you from unneeded trips to our office to have your dental injury fixed.

To find out more about our athletic mouthguards Burke, VA area, call us at 703-260-1677, or make an appointment through our online contact form. At Fox Family Dentistry, we want to protect you against injuries to your mouth while playing the sport that you love!