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We are called Fox Family Dentistry for a good reason. We treat all members of the family. We have small children come in, we get three year olds and up. We clean their teeth, and do fillings when necessary. Parents and the older generation, pretty much anybody can come to our office. We do all phases of dentistry, from fillings, to cleanings, to more advanced treatment. We have patients who are seventy, eighty, ninety years old that have certain needs. We have three year olds and small children who have needs as well. We are able to take care of all of them, so we're truly a family practice.

We try to do as many things in our office as possible. We try to refer procedures out to other specialists as little as possible. We do send orthodontics out to the orthodontist right next door to us. Some advanced oral surgery cases we send to the oral surgeon right below us. We do have those specialties right in our same building, right next to us. We work hand in hand with those specialists. Beyond that though, we don't send many things out. We pretty much do everything in our office. Patients really like the fact they can just stay with us rather than go to a lot of different places.

The fact that “family” is in our name shows that Dr. Lawrence Fox and his son Dr. Erik Fox are confident that our team can help your family with all of their needs in general dentistry options. The general dentistry options that we provide include dental cleanings and exams, sealants, fluoride treatments, fluoride varnish, DIAGNOdent cavity detection, mouthguards for sports or bruxism, and sleep apnea solutions. Our goal is to keep your oral health at an impressive level so you can smile with confidence!

Dental Cleanings And Exams

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Many of our patients are military families and they move into the area, and one of the parents with their children want to be seen. We try to make it as time efficient as possible for the families to be seen together, so that they can come in one visit and get their exams and cleanings. We provide treatment for patients who are in all having various needs and having various objectives in their oral health. Some patients want a Cadillac treatment of the very best dentistry and the cost doesn't matter, and there's those who just want to get the very basic done. We try to address the patients wants and needs in delivering dentistry that helps them to meet those specific needs and wants.

At Fox Family Dentistry, part of our promise to you is that we will do what is needed to keep your teeth healthy. That is why we offer dental cleanings and dental exams, because they are needed every six months to ensure you are doing what is necessary to keep your teeth for the rest of your life. If you have done a great job keeping your teeth clean, your dental cleanings and dental exam will take less time to complete.

If you need a little bit more work than usual, we will do X-rays, a periodontal cleaning, and a complete exam that includes an oral cancer screening. No matter what condition your oral health may be in, we ensure you that you will be treated with respect and care. We aren’t a practice that shames you for not cleaning your teeth as well as you should; we understand that people live busy lives, and sometimes things get neglected. We want to help your oral health with our General Dentistry Options Burke, VA at Fox Family Dentistry!

Fluoride Varnish And Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride varnish is applied to each individual tooth to provide protection against tooth decay. After your teeth have been cleaned and dried, the fluoride varnish will be painted onto the front and back of your teeth in a process that takes only a few minutes for your whole mouth. If any cavities have begun to form, the varnish will repair them, and any decay will be slowed down or stopped completely.

You will also have available to you a fluoride treatment in the form of a fluoride rinse or gel. When swished around in your mouth, the rinse will help protect your teeth against harmful processes like decay and cavities. The gel will sit on your teeth for a few minutes during your visit. This is a simple process that you’ll be glad you took part in because your mouth will be better protected.

DIAGNOdent Cavity Detection System

This cavity detection system finds the parts of the teeth where unseen decay has begun to take hold. This noninvasive process shines a laser over your teeth and finds future trouble spots so we can treat them before they actually become a problem.

Mouthguards For Athletics And Bruxism

If you or a loved one is competing in a contact sport, you will need protection for your teeth in the form of an athletic mouthguard. When we fit you for an athletic mouthguards at Fox Family Dentistry, we make sure that it fits comfortably to the point where it will protect your teeth but not affect your focus on the field of play.

Also, if you’re experiencing pain in your jaw due to having a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) or bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching), we will fit you with a mouthguard that will align your jaw into its proper position. You’ll thank us once the debilitating pain in your jaw subsides because you used a mouthguard to prevent bruxism and other sports related injuries.

Snoring And Sleep Apnea Solutions

Do you struggle to get enough sleep from night to night because of sleep apnea? Does your spouse struggle to sleep every night because of your bothersome snoring? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have solutions at Fox Family Dentistry! If you have sleep apnea, we offer mouthguards that will open up your airway for improved breathing while sleeping. Also, if you have problems snoring, we have snore guards that will put an end to your loud snoring!

For further information about our general dentistry Burke, VA area, call us at 703-260-1677, or make an appointment through our online contact form.