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When a new patient goes on our website and comes to our office, generally, there's two things they might come in for. First of all would be just for routine cleaning and checkup. Our hygienists will clean their teeth, they'll take x-rays if needed, sometimes those aren't needed. They'll do periodontal screening, checking for gum disease. It's pretty standard, although my hygienists are very skilled and very careful with the patients so that they don't cause any discomfort. But they do want to check for gum disease. Some patients don't necessarily need a cleaning. They might need a full mouth reconstruction or other big problem. If that's the case, they might book the patients with me or Dr. Eric first so that we can address any issues and problems they have and then get them in for their cleanings later.

The most common reason that people visit Fox Family Dentistry is because they need to come in for their six-month dental cleaning and dental exams. Coming in to let our experienced staff determine what measures need to be taken to make sure your oral health is where it needs to be is an important step in maintaining excellent overall health. If you come in for a standard dental cleaning and dental exams, X-rays, periodontal cleaning, or a complete dental exams that includes an oral cancer screening, we have you covered! Have your regular dental cleanings and dental exams Burke, VA area with Dr. Lawrence and Erik Fox at Fox Family Dentistry

Standard Dental Cleanings In Burke, VA

When you do your part in taking care of your teeth within the comfort of your own home, our dental cleaning and exam will be straightforward and easy. If you have been taking good care of your teeth, we will go through your mouth and give it a thorough cleaning while paying extra attention to those hard-to-reach places that you may not have been able to clean as well. After we floss and polish your teeth, we will send you on your way with a healthy smile that you can be confident in showing off!

Dental X-rays

When X-rays are taken at Fox Family Dentistry, we will be searching for possible problem areas in your teeth. The kind of things we will look for include cavities, the health of the roots in your teeth, the health of the bone surrounding your teeth, the status of incoming teeth for younger patients, and the general health of your teeth and jaw.

Periodontal Cleaning To Guard Against Gum Disease

If you come in for an exam and we determine that you are showing signs of developing gum disease, a deep cleaning of your mouth may need to take place. At Fox Family Dentistry, this means performing a scaling and root planing procedure that will not only clean your teeth above the gums, but also below the gums. After this deep cleaning is complete, your mouth will be returned to excellent oral health, and all traces of gum disease will be eradicated!

During this deep cleaning, plaque and tartar will be cleaned from above your gums followed by a gentle cleaning below your gums down to the roots and periodontal pockets to the point where the bacteria that helps cause gum disease is no longer present.

Oral Cancer Screenings

During a complete exam with Drs. Fox, you will be subject to an oral cancer screening in which either Dr. Lawrence or Dr. Erik will check for any irregular bumps, discolored tissue, and major changes in your neck, face, or oral crevices. Performing this screening can often catch oral cancer in the early developmental stages, and if caught early, it can save you a great deal of pain.

To schedule your family’s dental cleanings and dental exams¬†Burke, VA area, make an appointment at Fox Family Dentistry by calling 703-260-1677 or using our online contact form. We want to give you and your family a confident smile!