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You’ve heard that dreaded word again: cavity. The instant that your heart starts thumping and your stomach drops because all you can think about are the awful sensations that come along with a dental filling.

Before you go any further into your memories of past fillings, let me stop you. Those uncomfortable memories can be the last of their kind. We have a new way of doing things, and we know you’ll be happy to hear it!

Laser treatment is available at Fox Family Dentistry for certain types of cavities. The way you have a cavity found and a filling completed are different from anything you’ve ever experienced before. We can even treat your gums with our dental lasers treatment.

You no longer need to fear a cavity because a laser takes all the discomfort out of the process for many types of tooth fillings. Ready to learn more?

WaterLase® Dental Laser

Imagine not fearing a filling. You can walk into the office for your appointment with complete confidence that we will make your experience as comfortable as possible. The WaterLase® uses state-of-the-art precision to remove only the damaged part of your tooth, which means smaller fillings.

It also means that you won’t need to be numbed. The laser removal is pain-free and quick. We can clean the cavity and add a beautiful tooth-colored filling and send you on your way!

DIAGNOdent® Cavity Detection

Lasers are great for preparing your cavity for a filling, but we also use lasers to detect cavities that aren’t visible otherwise. The DIAGNOdent® laser will find cavities when they are still too small to be spotted with the naked eye.

This means that we will catch cavities sooner, fill them while they are small, and keep you from feeling any discomfort during the process! This is just another way that we ensure your next filling will be pain-free and needle-free.

LaserSmile® Diode Laser

Lasers aren’t just for your teeth. As you know, the health of your teeth is only a part of your overall oral health. We are also concerned about the health of your gums. LaserSmile® makes that easier. This soft-tissue laser can repair gum tissue quickly and painlessly. Most gum treatment is done with a scalpel and sutures, but LaserSmile® practically eliminates the need for either!

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You no longer need to feel nervous about routine restorative procedures, like having a filling, because laser dentistry is here to stay.

To learn more about lasers dentistry or how Dr. Fox can improve your next Laser Dentistry Burke, VA area appointment, contact our office today. Simply call 703-260-1677 to speak with one of our friendly staff members.