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A lot of times patients come to our office, as they do to many offices, and the first thing they tell me is, 'No offense but I hate the dentist,' or 'I'd really like to see you someplace else and not here,' so we're use to that. We hear that all the time. Some patients are so extremely fearful that it's hard for them to even come in the door. What I think is important is I like a patient, whether they be fearful or not, to come meet us, and let us talk to them and offer them various options. We have staff that are very friendly, very helpful and I think that helps calm people down. We've had many of our staff hold their hands and help walk them through procedures.

For those who are moderately anxious, nitrous oxide works really well. They can just breath the laughing gas, and they just kind of relax, and they don't really care too much what's going on, and that works really well. We also will use Valium. We'll give prescription for Valium for patients, and they'll come in feeling pretty relaxed and that helps very well. We also offer in-house sedation. We have an anesthesiologist, will come in, sedate the patient, and they just go to sleep and it's great. They just wake up and it's all done. That's a nice procedure for them too.

Dental Anxiety felt when going to the dentist’s office is a debilitating feeling of helplessness. It often is a result from one bad experience. With every patient who walks through the door, we try to reduce their dental anxiety by being courteous, welcoming, and gentle. In fact, Drs. Lawrence and Erik Fox look for a certain type of person when hiring a staff member. They must be able to make you feel comfortable to the point where you don’t feel threatened by the dental procedure that you are about to undergo. Our staff at Fox Family Dentistry cares about you, and part of our ultimate goal is to make you feel right at home when you are in our dental office.

Dental Sedation Options In Burke, VA

For those of you who can’t bear the thought of sitting still to have dental work done no matter how great the staff treats you, we have several dental sedation options that will make your appointment less stressful. If you feel that you must be sedated, we have a local anesthesiologist who will come in and sedate you for your procedure. We bring in an outside anesthesiologist because they are a specialist in knowing just how much anesthesia to use to sedate someone. They will come into our office and will use an IV to sedate you and put you at ease.

Another sedation option that you will have a choice of using is nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is a commonly used gas in dentist’s offices that will help you relax so we can give you a beautifully confident smile. All of your dental anxiety will slip away with nitrous oxide’s help!

If you don’t feel like you need full-on anesthesia or nitrous oxide to help ease your anxiety, we have an easier option in the form of taking a Valium pill. Valium will help you deal with the procedure that is giving you so much anxiety. With all of these sedation options, we can give you longer appointments to ensure that you’re never rushed and to account for the administering of anesthesia or other stress-relieving tools. We want you to be comfortable during your experience at Fox Family Dentistry!

The Importance Of Being Relaxed While Having Dental Work Done

If you come into our office and you are tense and jumpy, it can have an effect on the accuracy of your dental procedure. Quick, unexpected movements can cause our doctors and staff to not be as accurate as they normally would be. Dentistry requires a doctor that is very sure-handed, and if the patient makes sudden movements, it doesn’t matter how sure-handed the dentist may be. If you suffer from dental anxiety to the point where you may become jumpy, we can give you the proper sedation to ensure that your dental procedure is performed perfectly!

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