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We do all types of root canals in our office. In our office, most root canals can be done either by my dad or I. Contrary to popular opinion, most root canals can be done painless at a skilled dentist, which we are. We can get the tooth completely numb so that patients are out of discomfort and root canals can be done effectively, efficiently and painless.

If you are suffering from an increasingly terrible toothache, you may be a candidate for a root canal procedure. There are many myths about a root canal that have to do with it being extremely painful and uncomfortable. At Fox Family Dentistry, we assure you that painful root canals is a myth. In fact, if anything, having a root canal procedure at our office will relieve you of the great pain that comes along with the infection inside your tooth. Our comfortable office will help put you at ease, and Drs. Lawrence and Erik Fox will send you out of your appointment feeling much better!

How We Will Prepare For Your Root Canal

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People often say, 'I would rather have a baby, than a root canal. Women tell us that, and we understand why. Root canals have always had a bad connotation. In ancient times, a long time ago, root canals were very painful to patients, and the technology wasn't as good. That's all changed. Back about 20 years ago, a lot of the technology improved greatly. Most of the time now, we do root canals in one visit. Patients will often times say afterwards, 'I can't believe that was a root canal. That was great. That went really well.'

Occasionally, if somebody has a really bad absess, we'll get them on an antibiotic. We'll carefully treat the tooth, and start out by doing a little drainage and so forth, to get them comfortable. That might be a second visit, where we come back after things have calmed down, and do the root canal then. A root canal, as horrible as it sounds, is not nearly as bad as it used to be. At Fox Family Dentistry, Dr. Eric and I have had a lot of training, feel very confident that the root canals that we do, work very well, and that patients will be happy and pleased, not that they have to have a root canal, but with the results that will happen.

Root canals need to be performed when infection spreads to the pulp chamber of your tooth. An infection can begin most of the time because of deep decay that has been allowed to progress to the middle of the tooth. Root canals may also be needed if infection has entered a tooth because it is cracked, chipped, fractured, or even if you are suffering from gum disease. Once we determine that a root canal is what you need, Dr. Fox will begin preparations for your procedure.

Unlike many other practices, we have no need to outsource our root canals because both Drs. Lawrence and Erik have endodontic training. Unless the tooth has significant complications, we will perform your root canal within the comfort of your Burke, VA, office! Preparing you for your root canal will begin by taking an X-ray to foresee any complications that may arise during the procedure. We will also review your medical history to determine what type of anesthesia to use to ensure that your root canal is painless. We want to be prepared for whatever procedure we are performing at Fox Family Dentistry, and that includes a root canal!

Performing Your Root Canal

Your root canal procedure will begin with the application of anesthesia. This will make sure that you feel no pain throughout the entire process. After giving you anesthesia, we will begin the procedure by entering into the middle of your tooth. Once we reach the pulp chamber, we will begin to remove the infected pulp, and the nerves that are inside it. We will then disinfect the actual root canal to make sure it is clean and that infection will not return. Once all of the infected material is gone, we will seal the tooth and place a temporary filling to close off the hole that we went in through.

After the procedure is finished, you will be given a prescription for a medication to help you recover. Once you recover, your tooth will feel like its old self again, and its function and appearance will be restored. In some cases, we may recommend placing a dental crown for ultimate protection and aesthetics.

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