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Sometimes patients reach the point where their tooth is broken down and has reached the point where the tooth's not salvageable. We do many extractions in our office. Those which are a little more complicated, we have an oral surgeon next door that we work with that we send patients to. We have a good working relationship with them. They do a great job taking care of our patients who have these teeth that need to be taken out.

At Fox Family Dentistry, we may need to extract a tooth for a few different reasons. Whether it’s because you have a crowded mouth, an infection, the risk of infection, or gum disease, we are confident in extracting your teeth properly at our office! During your tooth extractions, you will be properly numbed and/or sedated to the point where you will feel no pain. For whatever reason we are extracting one of your teeth, it is to improve your oral health and to give your smile the look that you deserve.

Knowing If You Have A Crowded Mouth

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Tooth extraction is something that a lot of patients fear. Fortunately, today, not as many patients need to have teeth extracted, so that's a good thing. When they do, we are extremely alert to their needs and their fear and discomfort and so forth. We have techniques to get the patient numb very comfortably, and once they're numb, we have tools that just help glide the tooth out of its socket very carefully. It's a lot different than the old days. You see pictures of the dentist put up on their chest yanking that thing out with pliers. We don't do that. We're very careful. We can easily glide the teeth out, and most of our patients feel that it was a very good procedure, went well. Fortunately, we don't have to do as much of that anymore as we used to.

Having a crowded mouth can be caused by an injury, but more often than not it is a genetic condition that results in there being not enough space in a person’s mouth for their natural teeth to come in properly. These teeth start to come in in front of or behind another tooth. Allowing teeth to come in this way will lead to pain, sometimes in the form of migraine headaches. If you allow crowded teeth to continue to come in, you also are putting yourself at risk of having gum disease. People with a crowded mouth are more likely to get gum disease because the tight spaces between crowded teeth are difficult to keep clean.

How We Prepare For Your Tooth Extractions

Having a tooth extractions procedure is nothing to be afraid of when you are under the experienced hand of Dr. Lawrence or Dr. Erik Fox. He will make sure that you will be prepared and will also take steps to be 100 percent sure that extracting your tooth is the right thing to do. Dr. Fox will first take a digital X-ray to determine the position of the tooth that is going to be extracted. This will help him anticipate if potential complications could occur during the tooth extraction procedure.

Dr. Fox will also take great care in determining what kind of anesthesia is best for the procedure. This will include examining your medical history to find out if any types of anesthesia could be potentially harmful to you. We will pay great attention to detail so that everything goes smoothly in the removal of your tooth.

Recovering From A Tooth Extractions Procedure

After the procedure is finished, Dr. Fox will send you home to recover with medicine to ease any pain. But taking the medication is not the only thing that can help you recover from your tooth extractions. When you get home, the first thing that you should do is ice the area where the tooth was extracted to reduce the swelling and speed up the healing process. Also, avoid smoking and using straws because they can irritate the wound where the tooth was extracted.

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