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Restorative dentistry falls into a lot of different categories. For young people these days, it's probably nothing more than just a few fillings on the biting surfaces of their teeth. Almost every child or young adult has some biting surface type grooves and pits that need fillings. That's restorative on a small level. Older patients who have more wear and tear on their teeth, and especially more senior patients who had a lot of old silver fillings and so forth, have much more need for restorative dentistry.

Restorative dentistry is fillings. It can be crowns. It can be even dentures and so forth. We don't see as many dentures anymore, a lot of people now are keeping their teeth. Implants are also a part of restorative dentistry, too. Fillings, crowns, veneers, implants, all of these comprise restorative dentistry, all of which we do here in our office.

With the loss of teeth comes great risk to your oral health, overall health, and appearance. When teeth are lost, so are the roots of the teeth, and once the roots are gone, so goes the tissue and bone that once surrounded your teeth. When the tissue and bone are lost, your appearance will be affected because that lost bone is what made up your jawline. When your jawline shrinks, your appearance will change drastically and can make you appear to be years older than you really are!

Dental Implants In Burke, VA

Dental implants are a perfect answer to the loss of the roots of the teeth. Implants replace the root canal and help to retain the bone and tissue that will surround the implant. Not only will your implants have an uncanny resemblance to your natural teeth, but they will also carry the functionality of your natural teeth. At Fox Family Dentistry, we work with a trusted periodontist to perform the initial stages of the implant process before you come back to us so we can put the dental crowns on your implants. If you are missing several teeth, we also offer implant-retained dentures and partial dentures to make sure we have you covered!

All-on-4 Implants

All-on-4 implants are designed to hold a maximum amount of replacement teeth with the minimal amount of implants to hold them in place. Our trusted periodontal partner will carry out the placement of four implants in your mouth. We will then load your replacement teeth that will give you the amazing smile you desire!

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are a variation of dental implants that use implants that are smaller in diameter but carry out the same purpose as regular dental implants. One of the greatest things about these type of implants is that they can be placed in a short visit to our partner periodontal practice. You’ll love your new, healthy, functional smile!

Same-Day Smile

Same-Day Smile is a temporary tooth replacement option that can be performed in one day if you’ve had teeth fall out unexpectedly. Our partner periodontist can place your implants and give you temporary dentures to wear while you are waiting on your permanent tooth replacement option to be ready to place in our office.


Another tooth replacement option that we offer at Fox Family Dentistry is dentures. We make available to you implant-retained dentures, implant-supported dentures, and removable full and partial dentures. We do all of them in-house!

Dental Crowns And Dental Bridges

Dr. Fox also feels that it is important to offer you and your family the option of replacing teeth with dental crowns and dental bridges. Crowns are essentially a cap for your damaged teeth that will protect them from further damage and improve your teeth’s functionality. Bridges literally bridge a gap that is left by missing teeth with false teeth that are held in place by teeth on either side of the bridge. Both of these options are excellent for replacing your missing teeth and giving you a beautiful, confident smile.

For questions about our tooth replacement options Burke, VA area, call Fox Family Dentistry at 703-260-1677, or make an appointment by using our handy online contact form.