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Why Choose Fox Family Dentistry

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The thing that makes our office unique is that all of our staff are well trained. We've taught them, although they were people-person people to begin with. They know to take good care of our patients. Everybody is as helpful as can be. They're friendly, so when patients come in ... Obviously we're not their family, but we'd like them to begin to feel like we kind of are. We've had patients with us twenty-five, thirty years who won't go any place else because they love the camaraderie. They love the interaction with our staff. I think that sets us apart.

They other thing that sets us apart is our technology. I feel like, with laser dentistry that we do, we are one step ahead of other offices. We're able to do a lot of procedures very comfortably, and patients like that. They look around and say, 'Gee, your technology is really up-to-date. I really like that.' They appreciate that. I think we have good hours, which helps again. We're open from seven in the morning to six at night. We're also open on Saturdays. That gives patients the opportunity to come at various times and hours. I think that that helps set us apart as well.

Fox Family Dentistry is an elite dental practice in Burke, VA, that offers a wide array of services such as dental cleanings and exams, gum disease treatments, veneers, teeth whitening, tooth fillings, restorative dentistry, full-mouth reconstructions, athletic mouthguards, dental anxiety relief, dental crowns and bridges, dental emergencies, tooth extractions, and root canals. We have a great staff that is warm, welcoming, friendly, and well-trained. Our staff never gives you guilt trips for not cleaning your teeth as well as you could, and we never judge you. We are very inviting and want to build a lasting relationship with each and every patient we encounter.

We Are Technologically Advanced At Fox Family Dentistry

We want to offer you the most state-of-the-art forms of technology available as long as they are beneficial to the improvement of your oral health. Some of the technologically advanced services we offer include laser periodontal procedures, DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection system, the WaterLase dental laser for fillings, Vibraject for pain-free anesthesia injections, optical magnification, intraoral cameras, digital X-rays, and LaserSmile diode laser dentistry. All of these amazingly advanced services are meant to bring you the best possible treatment that we can provide. We love our patients, and it shows through the strides we’ve made in dental technology.

Our Comfortable Office In Burke, VA

An important aspect of every dental practice is the office that the practice operates out of daily. Everyone has been in a dentist’s office waiting room that is cold or uncomfortable. At Fox Family Dentistry, we have taken great strides to ensure you are comfortable while visiting our office. We offer comfortable dental chairs, a homey waiting room, and blankets if you’re cold. Also, if you suffer from dental anxiety, we will try to put your mind at ease by offering sedation options that include IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and oral sedation. We care about your comfort level at Fox Family Dentistry, and that will become apparent as soon as you walk through the door!

To find out why so many people in Burke, VA, have chosen us, call Fox Family Dentistry at 703-260-1677, or make an appointment by using our handy online contact form. We want to see your family smile!